Draft Details

XFL Draft Details - October 15 & 16


  • 71-man roster


  • 1 quarterback will be assigned to each team prior to a five-phased


  • Phases
    • October 15

Phase 1. Skill Players (QB, RB, WR, TE)
Phase 2. Offensive Line (OT, OG, OC)
Phase 3. Defensive Front Seven (DL, LB)

    • October 16

Phase 4. Defensive Backfield (CB, NB, SS, FS)
Phase 5. Open Draft for all remaining players including P/K/LS


  • Phases 1-4, each team will choose 10 players for a total of 40 players per team
  • Phase 5 will have each team choose their remaining 30


  • Draft will be a “snake” format for each phase


  • Order of picks in each phase


    • Skill Phase - DC, HOU, NY, DAL, TB, STL, SEA, LA
    • OL Phase - LA, SEA, STL, TB, DAL, NY, HOU, DC
    • D7 Phase - TB, STL, SEA, LA, DC, HOU, NY, DAL
    • DB Phase - DAL, NY, HOU, DC, LA, SEA, STL, TB
    • Open Phase - STL, NY, SEA, LA, TB, HOU, DC, DAL


  • Draft can be followed on xfl.com as well as the league and specific teams Twitter and Instagram accounts

Dallas Renegades @xflrenegades

DC Defenders @xfldefenders

Houston Roughnecks @xflroughnecks

Los Angeles Wildcats @xflwildcats

New York Guardians @xflguardians

Seattle Dragons @xfldragons

St. Louis BattleHawks @xflbattlehawks

Tampa Bay Vipers @xflvipers

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